Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Designers beware… design is not just about designing.

Hello, Everybody!
I'm new at Blogger and so I thought I'd bring here a series of blogs I wrote last month for a business networking platform online called Ecademy (www.ecademy.com). I hope you enjoy them:

As a fresh-out-of-college designer I used to think that design was all about creativity, form, color, inspiration… and that that's all there was to it. I was wrong. Design, as almost everything else, is a business, and needs to be handled as such.

As an in-house design coordinator, I learned many of the day to day things that apart from designing per se, go into the design business. I intend to write a series of short blogs aimed at young designers, so that they know that there's more to design than just designing and that it is important for them to start thinking about their future, meaning, keep on designing, or move on to other design ventures like design management or design consulting.

I am aware that some of the users are executives or very experienced professionals for whom this information might be redundant, incomplete or even naïve. However, since it's all about sharing, I thought I'd share a bit of my experience, maybe open a few young people's eyes, and get some feedback from the community.

I'll be posting the first one of these blogs shortly, and I look forward to receiving some comments.
All the best!

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Glenn Johnson said...

This is a very clear and accurate view of what designer's need to take on board - the IDSA should take heed too.

Well done Caroline...

I need to read one of those books too