Thursday, December 27, 2007

Expoartesanías 2007

“From December 6th to 19th at Corferias, the most representative display of handicrafts from Colombia and other countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Venezuela, among others, will take place.

820 exhibitors will display the most unique handicrafts in seven pavilions.

Some of the new features of the 2007 fair include a special pavilion devoted to Jewelry and another pavilion for international exhibitors..."*

A couple of weeks ago I visited Expoartesanías. I know in previous posts I’ve been ranting about how disappointing current colombian design is. Granted, I referred to design in the academy and what kind of designers are getting a degree.

However, I am thrilled to announce that what I saw in Expoartesanías is a whole different picture. Of course, Expoartesanías is about crafts, so no mass production there. However, there’s still design involved!

And lots of it!

So it seems that many designers and artists are out there working hard and making great design. Some students would be wise to approach them and learn from them.

I saw great furniture, great leather accessories, home accessories, innovative use of materials, remarkable jewelry, unexpected forms and objects, but all with that amazing colombian aesthetic.

I know it’s late to go see it now, but check the catalog anyway and set yourself up to visit the fair next year!

I still wonder, though, how do we bring together this real life experience of business and the academy? Why the gap? What am I missing here?

All comments will be welcome.
All the best!

*From the Expoartesanías website.

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