Monday, March 03, 2008

Business Skills Every Creative Needs to Know, Now!

Last week’s HOW’s Newsletter was packed with business related articles for all designers! These articles contain basic information about the design business in general. True, some of them apply only in the US, but they’re worth a read nevertheless.

Among the different titles you can find:

Designers' Hourly Rates See what other designers in the country are charging for their work and how they determine those rates.
Make The Most of Downtime At Work When work gets slow, here are 6 ways to use that extra time to your advantage.
Are You Ready To Freelance Full-Time? Look at our checklist to find out!
Be Your Client's Best Friend 8 ways to keep clients happy.
How to Motivate Every Type of Creative Get specific ideas for encouraging—and getting the best from—any designer.

There are about 90 articles to choose from, so browse around!


Anonymous said...

Hola Carolina, acabo de descubri tu blog, realmente me ha impresionado mucho, que bueno encontrar blogs de tan buena calidad hechos en Colombia.

Mi nombre es Daniel Mejia, soy un publicista de Medellín, y aunque me enfoco mas en la parte estrategica, considero que los consejos que das en tu blog aplican para cualquiera que trabaje en esta industria.

Por cierto, tambien tengo un blog. La dirección es, por si quieres echarle un ojo...

Saludos y estare pendiente de proximos posts.

Daniel Mejia
Publicista UPB
Medellin - Colombia

Carolina Ayerbe said...

Hola, Daniel!
Muchas gracias por tu comentario! Le echaré el consabido ojo a tu blog! Hace poco ocurrieron muchos cambios en mi vida y por eso no he podido postear como antes. Espero recuperar mi ritmo pronto. Saludos!